At SA Garage Doors, nothing gives us greater pride than telling our customers that we would be one of the best companies for garage door repair and maintenance. Other than that, we also indulge in regular services and installation of new doors. Simply put, if you would like to look for a one-stop solution for your garage doors, this would seem like the perfect place.

So, being completely new to this whole thing, it would be quite understandable if you would have a lot of questions plaguing your mind. After all, you would like to be absolutely confident in the choice that you would be making at the end of the day. It would be for this reason that we have compiled a list of FAQs for your convenience. Based on this, you would be able to understand how you would be able to maintain excellent condition of your garage door over the years.

What would be the available standard sizes for garage doors?

Generally speaking, you would find the standard size for garage doors to be of 8,9,10,12,15,16,18, and 20 feet. However, you would also be able to find some garage doors to not fall under this category. Since these kinds of situations also seem to exist, we would be able to custom-make garage doors for you. This would be something which you would be able to know more about by talking to our team about custom width of the door, specific sizes, and the availability of colors.

Would it be possible to paint my garage door?

Yes, it would be absolutely possible to paint garage doors that have been manufactured by and purchased from our company. If you would like, we would be able to get the painting done for you at very reasonable rates.

Would it be possible to replace just one section of my garage door?

It would be quite likely that just one section of your garage door would be damaged and would require repairing. As such, this would be quite a tricky question to answer. This is something which would depend on the area and severity of damage. This would be something which we would only be able to answer by evaluating your situation and then telling you about the best course of action.

What is R-value?

This would be the standardized measurement for thermal efficiency. So, the higher the value, the greater would be insulating properties. Our company seems to produce garage doors with different R-values. This has been designed so that your needs could be accurately met. Do consult with one of our professionals to know more about this.

What would be the cost of a garage door?

While we do seem to have different ranges, this would be completely dependent on your budget and specific requirements. Regional conditions would also be something which would need to be taken in to account. To know an accurate price or an estimate, get in touch with our customer service executives.

What kind of maintenance would be required for my garage door?

We would recommend that you get your garage door serviced on an annual basis. In this way, we would be able to give you thorough evaluation and also go for routine maintenance if it would be required.

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