Fix Broken Cables

Fix Broken Cables

In the case of garage doors, you would find cables to play quite an important part. Even though you might have a vague idea about it, it would be imperative that you educate yourself about it. This is because the spring would be responsible or lowering or raising the door. This would make all the more difference if you would have an automatic garage door.

It would be because of this reason that broken cables should not be overlooked in any way. Since they tend to be attached with brackets that would be located on each side at the bottom of the door, they would work with the springs to raise or lower the door as and when it would be needed. So, if you would find it to not be functioning properly, you would understand that fix broken cables San Antonio would be required. This is because when the cable would be broken, the garage door would jam or lean forward. In this way, it would either not function up to the mark or not function at all. As such, you could find yourself in quite a sticky situation if you would find yourself to be trapped inside your own garage.

Again, since you would not seem to have a proper or thorough understanding about it, it would be best that you let the experts handle this.

First things first, you would have to know about some of the most common causes which could lead to the cable being broken. These would be as follows:

  1. Normal wear and tear or age (Hence, we would look for signs of fraying to determine that)
  2. If regular maintenance would not be done (Wipe away the dirt or dust and lubricate)
  3. Bent tracking (The door would bang or catch rather than closing smoothly)
  4. Some items jamming the door tracks (Build up of ice, rake handles or broom)
  5. Incorrect drums or springs being installed for the height or weight of the door
  6. Correct cables not being installed for the weight of your garage door
  7. The spring tension would not be adjusted properly (It would either be too tight or too loose).

It would be because of this reason that fix broken cables San Antonio would need to be done properly. In order for that to happen, it would be best that you enlist the help of professionals.

This should be done to make sure that a correct and complete diagnosis would be performed. The most important factor that would need to be considered would be safety.

This would be because the cables or springs would need to be kept under a lot of tension. In terms of the services that we would be able to provide for fixing broken cables would be:

  • Replacement of faulty or incorrect parts
  • Correcting any damage that would have been incurred on the door
  • Identifying root cause of the broken cable
  • Setting precise or appropriate spring tension which would then match the size and weight of the door
  • Confirming proper operation of the garage door
  • Providing suggestions and recommendations regarding general maintenance.

To know more about our fix broken cables San Antonio, do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We look forward to working with you.

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